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SOUVENIR was conceived and recorded at a variety of postcodes including: 4362,4380,4065,2060,3065,4306,4053,4103,4169,4218 (Australia) and 60385 (Germany).

Written and Produced by John Gordon. Let the Sunshine co-produced by Mark O’Connor. Clare and Emily Cowley sing backing vocals on Let the Sunshine; Souvenir; Small Town Vignette. Mark O’Connor plays piano and sings (and converses) on Let the Sunshine.

MS acknowledges the grace and dignity of the life of Bronwyn Hannah Gae Ruig (18.6.73 – 4.9.09), and her devoted family.

Mastered by Scott Taylor (Taylored Sound Studios, Stanthorpe, Qld) and Dave Sparks (Pirate Studios, Bournda, NSW).

Japan photos: Hideya Arai