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John Joseph Gordon is a songwriter from Allora in Queensland, Australia. He is best known for his song ‘Inexorably Yours’ which was recorded by  Wendy Matthews on her 1993 Multi-Platinum album ‘Lily’.

A former Environmental Engineer, in 2011 he released the controversial climate change protest song Australia (Whore of the world) which lambasts Australia’s continuing coal exports, and open slather approach to mining in general.

He has released 3 Albums. ‘Notre Dame’ was recorded (1996) in his hometown of Allora, while ‘Alive in Bornheim’ (2009) and ‘Souvenir’ (2010) were both recorded in Frankfurt, Germany.

New Releases:

“Friend in Need (A song for the Great Barrier Reef)” will be released mid July 2022, while John also plans to release a retrospective – a series of vocal + acoustic guitar/piano songs recorded in-situ in Central Park and Greenwich Village New York, in 2012. The compilation plus an accompanying photo blog will be released as ‘AMERICAN INTREPID’ in August 2022..